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At Yarrunga Primary School, we believe in creating well-rounded students and community members. Learning Japanese strengthens our students’ understanding of language, culture and communication. At a primary school level, we aim to encourage interest in learning other languages by making the learning process fun, interesting and interactive. We use a wide variety of learning tools, such as games, songs, traditional stories and ICT, to develop an understanding of greetings, everyday expressions, numbers, colours, animals and family members. Students also learn about Hiragana, the Japanese writing system. All students, from a Foundation level through to Grade 6 participate in weekly Japanese classes. We also offer Japanese Extension Classes for students who have an aptitude for Japanese and languages and extend them in their learning. By learning Japanese, our students benefit in their overall growth and learning. Children who learn a second language become more effective communicators, have a greater ability to direct their focus and attention, have boosted creativity and problem-solving skills and have a stronger understanding of cultural awareness and tolerance. Our students are provided with the opportunity to display their Japanese language skills in the annual North East Japanese Speech Contest, which encourages students from schools throughout the region to display their ability and dedication to the Japanese language in a supportive environment..

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